Knight & Day Services

At Knight & Day our team understand that all people require assistance as they undertake transition processes such as an educational, developmental, social, vocational, physical, or emotional nature.

Social Activities
Community Participation & Social Activities

Innovative community participation is a NDIS support service that allows participants to build all necessary skills that they require to be able to participate in the community actively.

At Knight & Day our social and community supports are tailored to meet every individuals needs depending on the participants requirements, desires, and personal goals, where we make sure those participants social, economic, recreational, and educational needs are met.

Our support services include

  • Meet up with friends having a cup of tea and a conversation
  • Attend appointments, shopping, and banking
  • Accompany recreational, social, and educational activities.
  • Create a fun activity
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of new trends in activities programming.
  • Assist clients with therapeutic rehabilitation activities
  • Support participants to access social medias, personal computers, mailing, skyping
    with family and friends
  • Support participants to take active part in social and family meals.

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