About Us

Knight & Day Disability Support Services is a local South Australian family owned & operated NDIS disability support provider servicing metropolitan Adelaide. Our dedicated team is committed to ensure all our participants receive the highest quality care to enable them to remain in peace and happiness. Our dedicated team of careers can help you to maintain and regulate your day-to-day life and where you have every possibility to be your own and live an independent life.

Knight & Day Disability Support Services is a local innovative South Australian Disability Support Provider, we provide support for individuals and their families from the age of 7 to over 65 years of age with all disabilities.

Our Story

Knight & Day Disability Support Services was established with pure emotion and passion with Director Ena Knight and her husband Steven experiencing personal family tragedy with Steven suffering a cervical spine injury which has caused him total permanent disablement.
Director Ena knows first-hand how life can be very challenging for individuals and families living with disabilities having experienced these exact challenges herself.

Some Services We Offer

Core Values

RESPECT is a core value integral within Knight & Day. Respect is fundamental to people’s lives and mission success. Respect begins within oneself and stems from dignity, a basic human right. Dignity comes from a place of value, worthiness, and sense of self-respect.

CARE is an integral component of Knight & Day we encourage individuals and groups of like-minded people understand and care for the values and situations of other individuals and groups.

FREEDOM means different things to different people. At Knight & Day freedom might mean that you want to choose your daily schedule, to love who you want to love, or to live where you want to live. Your LIFE your CARE your CHOICE.

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