Knight & Day Services

At Knight & Day our team understand that all people require assistance as they undertake transition processes such as an educational, developmental, social, vocational, physical, or emotional nature.

Innovative Community Participation

At Knight & Day our team go that extra mile to assist participants in expanding their horizons and bring in innovation to contribute to their social wellbeing via community participation.

At Knight & Day our team use a capability building community-based approach to develop and sustain participants social wellbeing.

Innovative Community Participation is a NDIS support service that allows participants to build all necessary skills that they require to be able to participate in the community- actively.

Our support services include

  • To make friendship and develop new relationships.
  • Assist in building confidence and enjoy social interaction.
  • Build support network.
  • Support to engage with personal interests and passions.
  • Indulge in adaptive social skills, including a greater understanding of social standards and aspirations.

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