Knight & Day Services

At Knight & Day our team understand that all people require assistance as they undertake transition processes such as an educational, developmental, social, vocational, physical, or emotional nature.

Group Activities
Group/Centre Activities

At Knight & Day our Group / Centre activities develop the participants to communicate ones’ thoughts and feelings with others to achieve the following benefit.

At Knight & Day our team assist you take part and create community participation by identifying the groups you enjoy being a part of along with centre-based activities. These activities connect you with fellow members and caretakers to bring you the resources that you need to live a truly fulfilling and happy.

  • To build friendship and develop new relationships
  • To build confidence and enjoy social interaction
  • To reduce stress and hopelessness development of natural friendships and peer networks.
  • A greater knowledge of your community and the opportunities it presents.
  • New interests and new skills.
  • A sense of belonging and enhanced self-esteem.
  • Participation in employment and education.
  • Independent living.

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